Winter Season and Fairview Traffic Circle
Posted on Nov 7th, 2016

Breckenridge Ski Resort opens in less than a week.  Most of us are very excited about the start of the Winter Season.  The winter season also brings visitors to Summit County and slippery road conditions.  Our Fairview traffic circle on CO-9 can be very dangerous.  The last two winter seasons have brought regular traffic accidents in the traffic circle at our entrance.  Please be cautious and
1.    Recognize large trucks and buses have trouble negotiating the circle in just one lane.  Plan your entrance and exit of the circle accordingly.
2.    North bound traffic on CO-9 often does not slow sufficiently or recognized the right of way which should be given to traffic already in the circle.  Returning home south bound on CO-9 and then east into Silver Shekel can be particularly hazardous.
3.     North bound traffic may be traveling well above posted speeds when entering the Fairview circle.  Please allow extra-space when leaving Silver Shekel and entering CO-9
4.     Document accidents you observe when you can do so safely and without interfering with emergency personnel.  Send Art Albin an email and better yet a picture.  Include a description, road conditions, the date and time of day of the accident in your email.  We will be summarizing observations over the winter and requesting a review of the traffic circle signage and design by the Colorado Department of Transportation come next spring.
Thank you for your help keeping our entrance safe.
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