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Summer Road
Posted on Aug 1st, 2018

April 14, 2018


To:       Silver Shekel Owners

From:   Silver Shekel Owners Association

Subj:    Silver Shekel Access Roads and Annual Maintenance

Our neighborhood was designed and subdivided during the 1960s in then-rural Summit County.  Two access locations to State Highway 9 were included in the original design and remain in use today.  These include the recently reconfigured Fairview Boulevard Roundabout (main entrance) located at the northwest corner of the subdivision and the Fairview Boulevard spur road (secondary entrance) located at the southwestern corner.  The secondary entrance, or “Summer Road”, is designated as “seasonal use” due to minimal winter maintenance, though some winters it remains open throughout the season.

In addition to the Highway 9 access points, a spur road allowing future connection with continued development to the east was included.  This spur road forks east from the southernmost portion of Silver Circle, where it ends at a gate leading into the Highlands Subdivision (rear entrance).  The Town of Breckenridge owns the land just east of the gate, through which the proposed connection to Highlands Drive would be created.

The public roads within the Silver Shekel subdivision are County-owned, and the public roads within the Highlands subdivision are Town-owned.  There is currently no indication of the desire or necessity to create a permanent vehicular connection between the two subdivisions.

There have been previous discussions with Summit County regarding the maintenance and operation of the secondary entrance.  This entrance features a gravel surface on steep, partially-shaded slopes with tight turn radii.  When combined with our frequent residential traffic and our weather extremes, these conditions create a maintenance issue which requires frequent attention.  Although this is a County-owned road and therefore its maintenance responsibility, the County has previously mentioned closing the road rather than continuing the maintenance of the road.  Previous discussions between SSOA (Silver Shekel Owners Association) and the County have resulted in an understanding that SSOA will be responsible for the maintenance of the road in order to avoid a possible permanent closure.

There is a sensitive relationship between the secondary and rear entrances for emergency vehicle access and general traffic circulation.  If a permanent closure of the secondary entrance were to be required, this could trigger the construction and opening of the rear entrance.

The goal of SSOA is to continue the regular maintenance of the secondary entrance similar to previous years.  The road presents tough maintenance conditions as discussed above.  Our limited funding only allows for minimal annual maintenance in the spring/early summer, which, as we have seen, is not enough to provide a smooth surface until the following treatment.

Several approaches to repairing the road and minimizing the necessary maintenance have been taken by SSOA over the years.  These include grading of ditches to properly route drainage, addition of road base material, regrading and re-compaction.  These have proven to be short-lived repairs as rutting, washboards, and potholes quickly return after each treatment.

SSOA is actively reviewing the options for this year’s annual maintenance in order to provide the best value for our neighborhood.  While there are no feasible solutions to eliminate our annual maintenance routine (short of a complete road paving project, which is far out of budget), our repairs can be better-tuned to the specific needs of each year.  Some additional treatments we are investigating and considering include:

  • Using recycled asphalt to perform deeper subgrade repairs (i.e. bridge the “soft spots”) to provide better resistance to deformations at the surface.
  • Grading and compaction (with adequatelysized equipment) to prolong the annual treatment by providing a tighter vertical material section.
  • Application of Magnesium Chloride to the surface to create a tighter surface, reducing dust and erosion of the fine particles which act as a “glue” for the road material.

We will be meeting and walking the road with several different contractors to study our case and learn more about repairs on similar roads in our area.  By providing more custom-tailored repairs going forward, we hope to provide a smoother and safer secondary entrance into our neighborhood.

For questions and comments, please contact me at


Rob Goss, SSOA Board Member

Silver Shekel Owners Association

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