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To send an urgent message to other residents, such as lost/found pets, please use Nextdoor or send an email to the website administrator with all of the details for an email blast to all registered residents.
Silver Shekel is located north of Breckenridge, Colorado, on the east side of Colorado Highway 9. The entrance to the neighborhood is at the Fairview Blvd. traffic circle three miles north of town.
The Member pages of the site require a user ID and password. Silver Shekel residents can access the information by clicking on the Register link at the top of this page. 
Attention Realtors and Title Companies
Association documents including covenants, bylaws, minutes and financial statements are available in the Members section of this website. To obtain temporary access to this information, click the Register link at the top of this page. Please do not request that we email this information. 
Requesting a Mailbox?
The Association maintains a bank of mailboxes near the entrance on Fairview Ave.  Mailboxes are provided to members only, on a space available basis. We require a one time deposit of $120 via a check payable to Silver Shekel Owners' Association. The mailbox fee is refundable and the mailbox is transferable to a future owner and member. To request a mailbox please send an email to Paul Maldonado.
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One of our neighborhood moose.
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New Water Treatment Plant & Fairview Pipeline
Posted on Jan 21st, 2019
Construction has started at the new Town of Breckenridge North Water Treatment Plant across Highway 9. A major part of the project includes construction of a pipeline running the length of Fairview Blvd. which will have a major impact on our residents this summer. Click here for details from the Town website. And click here for specific information about its effects on Fairview Blvd. and Silver Shekel residents.
Summit County Short Term Rental Regulations
Posted on Dec 21st, 2018
Summit County has adopted regulations for short-term rentals on unincorporated land, which include Silver Shekel. Click here to see the current status of the process.
Summer Road
Posted on Apr 14th, 2018
Our neighborhood was designed and subdivided during the 1960s in then-rural Summit County.  Two access locations to State Highway 9 were included in the original design and remain in use today.  These include the recently reconfigured Fairview Boulevard Roundabout (main entrance) located at the northwest corner of the subdivision and the Fairview Boulevard spur road (secondary entrance) located at the southwestern corner.  The secondary entrance, or “Summer Road”, is designated as “seasonal use” due to minimal winter maintenance, though some winters it remains open throughout the season. 

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