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Urgent Messages
To send an urgent message to other residents, such as lost/found pets, please use Nextdoor or send an email to the website administrator with all of the details for an email blast to all registered residents.
Short Term Rentals (STR)
Like much of Summit County, there are a large number of homes in Silver Shekel that are rented on a short term basis. If you you are renting your home, click here for information from the county about their very specific regulations that are to be followed.
For neighbors that may be impacted by situations at an STR property, the County has established a hotline at 970-368-2044. Call them if you need help resolving a problem. There is more information at the County website.
For the current list of STRs in Silver Shekel, click here.
Recreational Fire Permits Are Required
Permits from Red, White and Blue Fire Department are required for fires in residential fire pits and wood burning cooking devices.
Click on this link to apply for a permit. This is the platform to create your individual profile and then apply for a permit. Once you have applied RWB Fire will perform an inspection prior to approval. The process usually takes several days and will occur Mondays thru Fridays. Once approved, the permit is valid for two years. Currently, there is no cost associated with these permits.
Click here for more information about the permits and requirements. Click here for the current local fire restrictions.
Please Clean Up After Your Pets
Please keep our mountain environment clean and always pick up after your dogs.
Most of our residents are very good about doing this anyway, but there are a few that never pick up after their dogs. Also, please don’t leave your poop bag on the side of the road. Dispose of it properly.

Do not let your pets run off leash to poop on your neighbor’s property. Not only is that being an inconsiderate pet owner, but it may be a violation of Summit County’s leash laws. The County requires all off-leash pets to be under control and within 10 feet of a person competent to control and restrain the pet. Click here for more information.

Thank you for you cooperation.
We hope you will visit this website often to check for information and updates about your neighborhood from the Silver Shekel Owners Association. Silver Shekel is located north of Breckenridge, Colorado, on the east side of Colorado Highway 9. The entrance to the neighborhood is at the Fairview Blvd. traffic circle three miles north of town.
The Member pages of the site require a user ID and password. Silver Shekel residents can access the information by clicking on the Register link at the top of this page. This is also a quick way to add your email address to our database so that you can receive the important neighborhood-related messages that the Board sends from time to time.
Attention Realtors and Title Companies
Association documents including covenants, bylaws, minutes and financial statements are available in the Members section of this website. To obtain temporary access to this information, click the Register link at the top of this page. Please do not request that we email this information. 
Requesting a Mailbox?
The Association maintains a bank of mailboxes near the entrance on Fairview Ave.  Mailboxes are provided to members only, on a space available basis. We require a one time payment of $120 via a check payable to Silver Shekel Owners' Association. The mailbox is transferable to a future owner and member. To request a mailbox please send an email to Ken Mace.
Construction Plans
Silver Shekel Protective Covenants require SSOA approval of construction plans. We rely on Summit County for structural review and compliance with all the building codes. Association review is primarily for compatibility with the neighborhood (color, exterior materials, etc.) and the effect of the improvements on neighboring lots. See the Covenants for your Filing for details. 
Building plans should be submitted to the HOA in electronic form at silvershekelHOA@gmail.com.
More and more local residents are members of Nextdoor®, a neighborhood-focused social media website. It's a great way to stay in contact with your neighbors and the community. You’ll find everything from neighborhood and local events to lost/found pets, to advice on contractors and services from neighbors. It’s all here and more. And there is no cost. If you want to join, contact Nextdoor. And, if you are already a Nextdoor member, invite your neighbors and other household members to join!

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